• •  7 thousand tax returns prepared annually

    •  4 retail offices in California

    •  Delivering customized tax advice

    •  Helping clients obtain more than $2 billion in tax refunds, credits and other government benefits

  • We minimize your tax liability while maximizing your tax benefits.

  • Best Tax Professionals In The Industry!


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We have the best tax professionals in the industry, who are available to do whatever it takes to meet your specific needs!


Professional Tax Return Services

Tax Care offers tax return preparation services in-person and online. Today, Tax Care operates 4 offices in the U.S. Together, with highly trained tax professionals, we have prepared over 155,000 tax returns since 1983.

You will find us to be a professional and friendly team of experts that possesses the knowledge of all easy and legal ways of saving tax. Our goal is to assist you in deciding the right credit to guarantee the biggest refund. We make sure that you do not pay more than you owe. If you aim the maximum refund then we will do this for you. We analyze all tax deduction options available to you and personalize tax return preparation services online with your unique needs in mind.

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File Online With a Live Tax Preparer

We are familiar with all potential deductions on every expense you are entitled to. While you file your taxes online with a professional tax preparer, we not only consider the present scenario, we also integrate your tax refund and saving with your long term financial goals. Watch this 1:20 video to find out how we maximize your income tax refunds with common deduction.

File your taxes online with Tax Care. We address your concerns and answer all tax questions with professional and friendly service.

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Our Services are professionally competent, have a sense of urgency and are always concerned about being both effective and efficient in serving our clients; while at the same time preserving confidentiality in delicate or sensitive situations. We believe in the long run our own best interests will be served by placing the interests of our clients ahead of ours on every project.

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The Tax Care model has been designed to help people with all of their tax needs through services, systems, and operational office support. The process has been developed and refined through over 30 years.

Tax Care offers tax return preparations services in-person and through online live preparation. Currently, Tax Care operates five offices in the United States. Together, with highly trained professionals, Tax Care has prepared over 155,000 tax returns since 1983. In addition, Tax Care:

  • Prepares over 7,000 tax returns every year
  • Has five company owned locations in California and plans to expand nationwide via franchising
  • Delivers customized tax advice for more than 100 occupations
  • Has helped clients obtain more than $2 billion in tax refunds, credits, and other government benefits last just year.

Tax Care has developed a brand and the demand for services is continuously growing. Although the business model is essentially perfected, a growing market requires the capability and bandwidth of new offices and tax professionals that can offer the same suite of services to people and businesses in different regions of the country. The key is to deliver the same quality services and value that the flagship locations have in California.

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